Pepper Tow
Motorcycle Tow Service
$75 Standard Size Bikes
*up to __ miles.*
Price subject to change for high mileage tows including service calls over 25 miles, or those in south Austin, Marble Falls and Hill Country areas.  
Pepper Motorcycle Towing uses the Amerideck [SuperDeck III™]
This one-of-a-kind truck loading system makes it possible to safely load and transport motorcycles or other items such as construction equipment, landscape equipment or recreational equipment from ground level onto a pickup truck bed for a safe and soft suspension ride.
Our Process:
The motorcycle towing process begins with arriving to the location where the rescue is to occur. Our hydraulic lift is placed flat on the ground near the bike to make loading the bike as easy as possible. The bike is then secured using high-strength American made straps used specifically for motorcycle towing. The bike is then securely lifted into the back of our fully licensed and insured vehicle for transport. This process protects the vehicle from numerous hazards involved with loading and transporting your ride.